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Let's get real.

And The League  was  born.

We were female entrepreneurs starting out in business and discovering what being an entrepreneur meant, the entrepreneurial journey was at times lonely and isolating. It was hard to explain to our friends why we couldn’t go out for wines on Friday nights so we could pull all-nighters to work on building our business.

As fate would have it, we met at networking events and realised that we were all on the same entrepreneurial journey – we were thrilled that we weren’t the only ones experiencing the joy and pain of building a business. So over coffee and cupcakes, we dreamed of creating a small group that would allow other female business owners, entrepreneurs, startups meet other inspiring women to connect, share and inspire. 

That small group turned into a group of 160 women at our very first event. Since then, the last 4 years has been a whirlwind journey seeing the League grow across Australia and to think it was a passion project of ours.

Because the world needs more extraordinary females, doing what they love. Because it is lonely at the top and the entrepreneur’s path to success is one of the most isolating experiences. REAL connections will make this journey less lonely. We need the encouragement and support of other women like ourselves because it will give us the inspiration and courage we need to succeed. It is through the sharing of experiences that we learn and expand.

We have seen first hand over the last 4 years how The League has inspired new business startups, facilitated collaborations, created incredible friendships and inspired the next generation of female entrepreneurs. We have launched in 9 cities around Australia, showcased over 80+ female entrepreneur speakers, run conferences with over 3000 women attending, created a community of over 10,000. With only a handful of sponsors (shout out to Wade Institute) that believed in us, we have been bootstrapping along. There was a point that we, the co-founders, had invested all the spare money we had to keep The League alive. Admittedly, we almost had to shut up shop because we didn’t know how we could afford to keep funding this organisation. But we persevered, as we know how The League has changed the world already and will continue to pave the way for female entrepreneurs in future. Not just in Australia, but globally – especially in countries where females don’t have the opportunities and freedom that we do.

This community of female entrepreneurs exists because of you.

Hope to see you at Run The World Techformation in Melbourne on July 29.

Stay Peachy! x




Sheryl Thai, CEO & Co-founder

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