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Posted By Sheryl Thai On 8 February 2017

Howdy from Silicon Valley.

Why am I here again? I believe that proximity is power. I’m also in love with San Francisco and them tacos. This time around, I’ve tagged along with some good company – my friends from The Hacker Exchange. Two days into this immersive experience I completely understand the saying, Silicon Valley is a mindset and not a place. Follow us on our Insta stories to see what we’re getting up to – first night in SF, I actually bumped into Danny Glover getting pizza “to-go”. I’m hoping I can stalk *ahem* meet Tim Ferriss.

So…I wrote a whole article ready to post earlier today but realised I had written about the same exact topic months ago. I’m scrambling to come up with meaningful topics to write about as I’ve been doing this every week for over a year now. My main goal when I started writing articles was basically this: Write good content that people will actually read and not hit delete, or mark as spam. 

Over the last year, I’ve received a lot of great responses in person and online (seriously, I live for them all, even the hate ones). I do take great care in writing these articles because it really makes me feel alive. I am by no means an expert at being an entrepreneur or at life for that matter but I try to be as authentic as I can in sharing my experiences.

“Words, when constructed from the heart, can be powerful. It can inspire, invoke emotion or provide food for thought.” – Sheryl.T (yes, I just quoted myself #noshame)

I finally had the chance to read the incredible book Tiny Beautiful Things on the flight over and it has completely inspired me to be a bit more courageous. So starting next week, I want to turn my articles into experience sharing/what-would-you-do type of advicey column thing. I call it the “advicey column” because I don’t like to give advice, I mean who likes to be told what to do, really? Instead, I will share relatable experiences or a life changing quote, maybe a poem or a meme. I’m not entirely sure, as long as it can connect with you.

So ask away. Email me, your name and details will be withheld unless stated otherwise or you can add an anonymous comment on this post. Be detailed, bare your soul, share with us what has been weighing on your shoulders. Sometimes it may not even be the answer you’re searching for but just the ability to confide in someone. I will be your agony aunt.

If anyone has a suggestion on what to call this advicey column, let me know, because it’s 2am in SF and I love you.

Stay peachy,

Sheryl Thai | CEO

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