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Bounce Financial

Cara Brett
Bounce Financial
Bounce Financial is a boutique Financial Planning practice providing advice and guidance for young professionals and those that want to stay in control of their finances.

At Bounce Financial, our clients are a special kind of people. They are the movers and shakers of Brisbane, they are the people with their finger on the pulse and most importantly they are the people who take their lifestyle very seriously.

We saw an opportunity to provide a unique service which was tailored to our client’s needs. You see, we were tired of working in an ‘old-world’ financial planning model, one where financial planners pulled out a tired old-formula for every client and expected the client to trust them blindly. The world has changed, people have different lifestyle goals and most importantly, clients are far more engaged and knowledgeable than this ‘old-world’ model gave them credit for. We found that clients want to take control of their finances and they know that in order to secure their future, they need to take action now.

With this in mind, Bounce Financial was established to provide a clear cut and transparent service to its clients with a variety of service options and fee schedules. Basically, we want to create strategies to meet your needs, knowing that your lifestyle is important.

At Bounce Financial we want to lead the revolution in financial planning advice, one that is about creating sustainable life-long partnerships, providing transparent fees and working with our clients to help them achieve their goals. We want to join our client’s team of trusted professionals and help them live the lifestyle they deserve.


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Bounce Financial