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Focus CFO
Carol Noonan
I help Business Owners create a framework in their business to have a clear picture of how their business is performing financially and more importantly, how that picture now impacts where their business is going in the future.

I help Business Owners create a framework in their business to have a clear picture of how their business is performing financially and more importantly, how that picture now impacts where their business is going in the future. I provide CFO services for a fraction of the cost, partnering with your business to help you make more informed business decisions. I help create a framework within your business, whereby you receive regular monthly financial performance reporting, comparing last year performance with commentary and analysis as to how you are performing. More importantly, I create with you a forecast of where you want that business to go, incorporate these plans on a regular monthly basis also, so you can clearly and quickly see how you are actually tracking compared with this. I help create an efficient finance team within your business that suits your business and enables you to grow and see your performance quickly and efficiently so you get to make better business decisions that will drive better bottom line.

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Grace Lever
My mission is to equip, empower and inspire entrepreneurs to build the lifestyle busines they deserve. The blog aims to meet entrepreneurs globally wherever they are in life. I promise to give you authentic, personal and real business advice to build a business you love without losing your integrity, lifestyle and soul.

I’ve been able to build a business I love, doing what I love and getting paid what I’m worth. My business has moved completely online allowing me to relocate with my husband to my favourite place in the country, live in my dream home and enjoy a lifestyle with my favourite things (my husband, family, friends and puppy)!

This has predominately happened because I absorbed myself in online marketing and business automation. I spent years learning, testing, trialling (and failing!) in the world of marketing to help me build a business my clients loved, provide an exceptional client experience whilst automating every step possible to keep me off the phone and keyboard.

And that’s why I developed GraceLever.com.

I want to share with you all my favourite strategies and step-by-step processes that actually worked to build my own businesses and lifestyle.

Check out the video trainings at GraceLever.com that have helped me to build a business that is balanced, lifestyle-friendly and community impacting. In these videos, I cover everything from your Vision, Branding, Selling, Lifestyle, Building Connections, Productivity and my all-time favourite passion – Online Marketing 🙂

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Haven Aesthetics
Meghan Croft
Haven Aesthetics is Morningside's newest Urban Spa catering to all your Skin and Body needs. We are a Sanctuary for your skin.

Haven Aesthetics welcomes you to Morningside's new Urban Spa.
We are located just outside Coles in the newly renovated Morningside Plaza so make sure you come in soon.
We pride ourself on building long lasting relationships with our clients through trust and a commitment to ensure you are receiving the best possible service and results at all times.
We specialise in all Skin and Body treatments including but not limited to Facials, Microdermabrasion, Massage, Body Scrubs, Tanning, Waxing, Brazilian Waxing, Dermalogica Bio Surface Peel, Manicures & Pedicures.
We use the very best products including Dermalogica, Skinstitut, OPI, Caron, Aquisse and Techno Tan.
We guarantee you will leave Haven Aesthetics loving the entire experience.
At Haven Aesthetics our vision is simple... We ask you to take a journey with us and enjoy the experience.
Step inside Morningside's newest Urban Spa where we have created a Sanctuary for your skin. We would love to have the pleasure of looking after all your skin, body and beauty needs.

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61 07 3399 5119
Her Heart
Linda Worrall-Carter
Her Heart
Her Heart is a charity that increases awareness around Women & Heart Disease, which is the biggest killer of women (1 in 3 will die of this disease, 3 times more than will die of breast cancer). It is primarily about awareness and aims to educate (& inspire!) women to look after their heart health!

Her Heart is a charity that increases awareness around Women & Heart Disease, which is the biggest killer of women (1 in 3 will die of this disease, 3 times more than will die of breast cancer). Her Heart is primarily about awareness and aims to educate (& inspire!) women to look after their heart health! This will be through offering different campaigns and as the biggest increase is in women aged 25-40 years old, this needs addressing.

PO Box 2525
High Tea Society
Michelle Milton
High Tea Society is an international community for lovers of high tea, with an audience of over 75,000 subscribers, fans and followers.

Like to share your brand with the High Tea Society reader’s? If your brand is a good fit there are a number of ways we can work together.

Michelle Milton the Founder and Editor of High Tea Society is a marketing communications consultant and entrepreneur with a passion for digital media. Michelle regularly works with brands and speaks at events on social media, high tea and starts ups.

04 1718 5458
Human Psychology
Sam Young
Our reasons for being is to help people and organisations to think, feel and perform better. Our experienced team of psychologists design and develop innovative training solutions to help people realise their potential.

Human Psychology is one of Adelaide's largest psychological services providers with an expanding national presence. We believe in human potential and the positive power of change and aim to help our clients to realise sustainable growth in engagement, wellbeing and performance. We design and deliver a range of innovative training solutions.

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inka Marketing Communications & Events
Sara Borowiak
inka is a brand marketing & event management consultant in Melbourne. We creatively generate brand awareness through killer events & memorable campaigns

inka helps businesses grow. We are a multi touch point brand marketing and event management consultant based in Melbourne. We specialise in MARKETING/MEDIA STRATEGY and EVENT MANAGEMENT for brands within the lifestyle arena. Our goal is to GENERATE BRAND AWARENESS and therefore further business for our clients.

inka CREATIVELY devises an approach to make your brand or your event stand out from the sea of sameness while working in with your company’s key goals and objectives. We specialise in creating ways to reach your audience and deliver MEMORABLE brand experiences with a strong communication of your brand’s message.

Putting your brand in front of the right eyes is key to success. Businesses are often caught up with the day-to-day operation and they forget to look in from the outside and see what it is that their customers and potential customers see or in many cases, don’t see.

There is a plethora of opportunities that many businesses are missing. You think your brand is wonderful and you want to share this with the world, right? But sometimes you are just too close to the brand, or, you simply do not have the time or perhaps expertise to successfully project this ‘wonderfulness’ to your audience.

inka can provide you with the support you need to launch a product, manage a professional and beautiful event or run an all encompassing strategic marketing campaign with PR elements.


Jigsaw Hair and Beauty
Gabrielle Dennis
Jigsaw Hair and Beauty is a beauty and hairdressing salon about an hour south east of Melbourne in a suburb called Drouin. We're passionate about risk taking and go getting (and outstanding customer service of course!).

Jigsaw Hair and Beauty has been around for about 10 years now - Until recently it was the leading hair salon in a 50km radius. We took over 3 months ago when it had taken a turn for the worse. It had a terrible stigma around it and we have completely turned that around. We hire savvy, driven girls (and guys!) and focus on providing a Melbourne experience in a Rural location.

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5625 1347
Juhi McInerney – Arbonne International
Juhi McInerney
Developed in Switzerland in 1975, Arbonne is based on botanical principles where ingredients are plant driven. The product line has grown to include both inner and outer health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results.

The wonderful thing about Arbonne is that it's not just about great products, it's also about great people. The Arbonne family is made up of thousands of individuals working to make their dreams come true. Through rewards, travel opportunities, a generous Success Plan and great products, Arbonne offers a unique opportunity that can help make anyone's vision for the future a reality.

Katie Sargent Design
Katie Sargent
Many people don't realise that engaging an interior designer at the very beginning of a project can be invaluable. Katie Sargent Design offers a full design service that is designed around the requirements and scope of the project. Collaborating with architects, builders, contractors, landscape architects, lighting designers and suppliers, the studio can be as involved as necessary in the following projects; Building a new home. Boutique hospitality projects. Renovations. Soft refurbishments. Furniture, lighting, window treatment and accessories advice and sourcing. Concept and scheme development. Interior styling and consultation.

Clearly you are design-curious and so, already we have something in common.

I've always wanted to create beautiful things.

From a young age it was birthday cards, or wrapping presents with bundles of ribbon and a lot of love. Then came crazy, colourful bed linen and an experimental feature wall in my bedroom.

After following a sensible route and completing a Bachelor of Business at RMIT university in Melbourne, it was clear that in actual fact, life would not be complete without pursuing my love of interiors. Then followed a Diploma of Commercial Arts (Interior Decoration & Design) at CATC in Melbourne.

I called London home for four years working under the Principals of two highly respected interior design studios - Hirsch Bedner Associates and Louise Jones Interiors - working on both hospitality and residential projects in Kazakhstan, Italy, Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom. Each studio encompassed different but equally beautiful styles and these have contributed to my aesthetic today.

My passion is the restoration and renovation of period properties, and my specialty lies in bringing warmth, style and an international perspective to the Australian design space. Our lifestyle is unique and my designs reflect the way we live and entertain as Australians.

I love what I do; to imagine, shape and create beautiful, functional spaces. My aim is to work closely with my clients to uncover their personal style so that each design is unique to them and reflects their vision.

I draw on inspiration from my travels and love of unique discoveries and I hope this passion is evident in my design.

An infinite mental catalogue of ideas and inspiration from living in London and travelling around Europe and beyond constantly swirls around my mind and I hope to be able to share these with my clients.

My approach focuses on beauty, timeless style and of course functionality.

Let's create together...

Katie Sargent
Head Designer

Brighton East
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