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Jaynie Morris – ItsToLiveFor
Jaynie Morris
Jaynie Morris – ItsToLiveFor – is an international online ‘safe space’ for people to come and be inspired, motivated, explore alternative options to what is going on in their lives and become the ‘best version of themselves’…naturally.

I am an Author, Media Commentator, Public Speaker, Charity Ambassador & Survivor who has so much to live for! Jaynie Morris – ItsToLiveFor – connects with people around the world who would like to explore life options on all levels. We showcase inspirational ‘real women’ through our youtube channel – ‘ItsToLiveForTV’ – and our Sheroes Unlimited Series. We are partnered with an international Health Company and help others find solutions to health, fitness & wellness. Having over 25 years experience in coaching, mentoring and creating home based businesses, we also guide people to the steps needed to take to become empowered and design their lives to greatness. As an Ambassador for The Orange Pigeon – granting wishes for terminally ill Adults – the discussion and exploration of ‘contribution’ in our lives is also a key focus. Having been given the news in 2012 of potentially having months to live…surviving that and writing the book behind that moment has provided an excellent platform for clients to explore their own reasons for change…after all .,,,,,,life – ‘ItsToLiveFor’!

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Welcome to my alCOM.y, where we’re passionate about improving the way people interact and communicate nonverbally. We share science based knowledge and insight, because we believe that everybody should be privy to the superpower that lies within all of us. We’ve seen, first hand, how a little knowledge of the subject and a bit of practice can transform lives. We help people to make minor adjustments to their body language, voice and even appearance, to give them control over what they communicate nonverbally. This improves their interactions, influence and personal curb appeal, helping them to achieve success in their goals, across all areas of their life- professional, social and romantic. We speak at events, coach individuals or small groups and provide training for organisations.

The way you communicate nonverbally has a huge impact on how you are perceived, and therefore directly influences your success rate- across all areas of life. Nonverbal signals can also influence others. For example, using definitive gestures and vocal tone to deliver your offer or fee, will garner a response that would differ if you delivered the same offer with uncertainty. Or, using nonverbal signals that elicit trust and feelings of comfort- over those that elicit discomfort.

Even more interesting is that the way you act- the way you hold your body, your movement, your expressions- has a huge impact on you yourself, and how you feel. What’s more is that having a knowledge of nonverbal communication signals, helps you to understand how other people feel about things.



Control of how you are perceived.

Influence over the behaviour of others.

Control of how you feel.

Understanding of the feelings of others.


Imagine having the power to walk into a high stakes situation (an interview, a negotiation, a pitch or presentation), armed with a stellar impression, an arsenal of influential nonverbal signals, confidence and control- AND also understanding how your audience feel about what you are saying and doing!


One to one or small group coaching.

Training sessions or courses for small to medium groups.

Presentations for large audiences.

Assistance in selecting professional profile pictures.

All our training and presentations are tailor made to suit the needs of your organisation or event- audience, timing, group size, environment and location. As well as providing you with and overview and general nonverbal communication skills, we’ll focus on specific areas of interest, relevant to the work of your organisation (or audience) or the challenge you’re wishing to overcome. For example, increasing sales, presentation skills, building trust, leadership skills, phone power, etc.

Likewise, if you’re an individual or small group interested in our coaching, we’ll work with you to overcome specific challenges, or to reach specific goals. For example, working towards an interview or being elected, building confidence, becoming more influential, public speaking skills, entrepreneurial skills, etc.

Perth, WA
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