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Lisa Corfield
Quality jewellery inspired by global wanderings.

Inspired by global wanderings, Lazurah fuses multi-cultural influence with modern designs. Tribal meets contemporary, the brand blends both bold and simplistic designs to create pieces that are driven by a sense of wanderlust. Lazurah is a product of global wandering and built on musings of it’s founder, Lisa Corfield.

New Farm
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Lara Solomon
LOLL is a range of towel ponchos for grownups, use them on the beach at the pool or even at home.

The LOLL towel is designed by Lara Solomon and sold online. It came about because Lara was jealous of the little kids in their poncho towels on the beach and thought I WANT ONE! LOLL towels come with 2 internal pockets for your phone, money, keys and more and zips down each side – zip them up for a poncho, unzip for a towel. The range is ever changing with new designs coming every few months and each design is a limited addition.

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The Aurum Collective
Ashley Freeman
The Aurum Collective is a premium, online fashion house dedicated to the modern, professional woman. Our signature is informed by high-end sophistication, versatility and ease.


The Aurum Collective’s style is inspired by feminine silhouettes, structured tailoring and high-end sophistication. From elevated essentials to statement occasion pieces, our ready-to-wear garments can seamlessly transition from the desk to dinner or from the airport to the office.

Our garments are designed to make women feel confident, strong and feminine.


We are committed to making heirloom quality clothing. We source only premium fabrics. We have partnered with an ethically accredited Australian production house to deliver the finest standard of quality across our collections. Each garment is hand crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Comfort and functionality are integrated into each of The Aurum Collective’s designs. We are also focused on sourcing fabrics that are wrinkle-resistant, soft, breathable, flexible and durable.

It is important that our designs combine both style with performance to reflect the dynamic lifestyles of hard-working women.


Confident women have the power to create significant and remarkable change in our world. We appreciate that what we wear can affect our self-esteem.

The Aurum Collective’s pieces are designed to empower women. Our mission is to positively influence how women feel about themselves and encourage women to seize the power of confidence.


The Aurum Collective is committed to being a responsible player in the fashion industry. By producing smaller, exclusive releases in Australia, we can support safe manufacturing processes. This approach also allows us to ensure our high levels of quality control.

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The Sew Good Company
Ethical, Handmade clothing supporting women in sustainable business.

The Sew Good Company creates beautiful ethical, handmade clothing while supporting Cambodian and Nepalese women in sustainable, socially responsible business!

We work with small businesses in Australia, helping them to make better ethical choices when choosing which brands to carry in their stores. We want it to be easier & more affordable to make the right decisions when buying clothing.

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