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Magnetism Copywriting & Content Marketing
Kylie Singh
I help you turn your marketing into a magnet, with copywriting that attracts, connects and converts.

If only you could grab people by the ears and make them listen to you.

It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? Your business is amazing. You’re doing such sensational work.

Your offering can really make people’s lives better.

But how do you get people to listen? To care? And then, to actually act?

I can help. I’m a SEO copywriter and conversion copywriter.

What does that mean?

It means I can help you attract your ideal client, and then convince them to buy (or donate or subscribe or whatever you need).

I’m based in Sydney but I work with clients all over the world.

I specialise in social enterprises and service-based businesses.

Let’s chat about how I can help your business.

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Melissa Packham – Consulting
Melissa Packham
Branding begins with strategy, not design. I’m a brand and marketing expert who can help you: ➤ Create a brand strategy ➤ Define your audience ➤ Define your niche ➤ Find your brand voice ➤ Define your value proposition ➤ Develop your communication plan ➤ Create a social media strategy

Let me drop a truth bomb… a brand is not a logo.

There. I said it.

Sure, a logo is part of it and brand identity is a key component of a brand. But it’s the aesthetic of your brand – its visual identity. A brand is actually more like a person and just like people, your brand is so much more than what’s on the outside.

If you only focus on the superficial stuff for your brand, you’ll never connect authentically with your audience. Plain and simple.

Branding begins with strategy, not design. If you’re experiencing some disconnects with your business, not seeing the growth you want or feel like it’s time for a revamp, I can help.

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Mobile Friendly Websites
Anthea Rowberry
Search engine optimised, mobile friendly web design & SEO services.

Did you know – more Google searches are now coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers?!

That’s why I created Mobile Friendly Websites.

I’m a WordPress web developer offering premium web development services.

This involves three key factors that are often glossed over by budget web designers:
1. Being mobile friendly is a necessity in today’s market.
2. Websites only work if they get found! (eg ranked on Google)
3. What separates a great website from a bad one, is not what it looks like, but the research and skill that goes on behind the scenes.

DIY and template based websites are now common place at the budget end of website design.

To ensure I go well above this, and add real value to my clients, I have become an expert in SEO. Anyone can create themselves a template website, but for a successful business website, that gets ranked on Google, SEO is crucial.

I’ve worked in IT for nearly 20 years and have a double degree in Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) / Bachelor of Laws (Hons), and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. My current passion is studying digital marketing and mastering the art of SEO.

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(08) 8121 4100
Styled and Scripted
Camilla Peffer
Camilla Peffer is an SEO copywriter who works with exceptional fashion and lifestyle businesses to turn clicks into conversions and loyal brand advocates. With a special focus on tone of voice and SEO for fashion, luxury, and health and wellness products, she helps iconic companies to communicate with confidence and creativity at stage of the ecommerce sales funnel. Combing her love of the written word with her passion for fashion, Camilla has directed, written and executed copy and content campaigns for such revered brands as Pedestrian.tv, Ralph Lauren, Politix, CoYo, Sportsgirl, Seed Heritage, Nadia Bartell and Fairfax.

Use the right words to tell your story, and you’ll snare an audience that hangs on every sentence.
Use the wrong words, and you’ll be met with an apathetic ‘eh’.
Apathy is our enemy.
The right words are our weapon against this.

Sometimes I call myself a copywriter in Melbourne for small businesses, an SEO copywriter, other times a fashion copywriter for retailers and fashion brands.
I focus on creating content for businesses looking to connect with and convert their audiences – no matter their platform or medium.
Skills: SEO copywriting, fashion copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, Google analytics.
Experience: Fashion, real estate, food and wine, health and wellness.

After completing a Diploma in Journalism at Macleay College, Sydney, I completed a Bachelor of Mass Communications. I also spent time interning at Yen Magazine, Pages Digital and Studio Magazines.

I’ve worked as a marketing administrator for nation-wide coffee franchise Aroma Cafe where I managed all of their social media channels, wrote all of their advertising copy + and crafted a weekly newsletter for all franchisees.

I held the position of Content Marketing Executive at domain registrar Melbourne IT. I was also part of a team who developed their brand-new website – copy + information architecture and all.

AND, I’ve worked at #1 Australian publisher Pedestrian.tv as an account manager for Sportsgirl, one of Australia’s most-loved retail brands. I co-managed an online audience of 450,000+, developed a highly successful Instagram strategy, and crafted prose for an audience of 20-something females.

I’m a copywriter with marketing smarts, which means I approach all that I do from a strategic perspective. What I write will deliver results for you, because I’ve done it before for others just like you.

Who do I work with?

I work with businesses who are innovative, embrace change, and they value creative input. They do not do simple. Boring is their enemy.
I’m a copywriter in Melbourne, but I’ve worked with clients in Ireland, the USA, Canada and Singapore.

Is this you?

Perhaps you’re a marketing manager at a retail brand, a small business owner, a one-woman-shop, or a talented account manager at an agency. No matter how large your operation is or how long you’ve been in business, you consider yourself cutting-edge, and strive to be at the forefront of all things fashion, design and technology. You believe that style, substance and sustainability can co-exist, and you’re hell-bent on creating a community that supports each other, and adores you and your brand, too.

You’ve decided it’s time to hire a professional and level up against your competitors. You don’t want to rely upon your own clouded intuition any longer, and you’re eager to put your trust in the hands of someone who’s dedicated to helping you refine your message and create an authentic tone-of-voice.

You’re more than likely a…

Business-savvy creative, stylish entrepreneur, maker, doer, lover of luxury.
You could be…
Female, or an expressive and creative dude.

You’re absolutely 100%…

Professional, focused, organised, driven, true to your word.

More than anything, you understand the importance of developing your own unique tone-of-voice. You want to infuse your business with a brand essence, informed by your core values and goals.

What’s next?
If you have website copywriting, explore my range of website copywriting packages.
Not sure what you’re after? Let’s talk anyway.

Melbourne, Australia
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The Retail Collaborator
Sally Bird
In simple terms, The Retail Collaborator helps businesses, brands and organisations RE-CONNECT WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS What We Do: Customer Journey Tours Focus Groups Innovation Workshops How to Find Your True Customer Workshops B2B Brand Collaboration Customer Engagement Programs Business Coaching & Mentoring Customer Persona Development Sally Bird – Founder of The Retail Collaborator Presenter Workshop Facilitator Business Coach & Mentor

In simple terms, The Retail Collaborator helps businesses, brands and organisations


There is nothing stock standard about our business as we know that even though everyone has the same problem (finding customers who stick) their needs, budgets, and business models are completely different.

Our mission is to find the emotional connection between you and your customer and to have fun doing it. We aren’t afraid to ask your customers what they really think or what they really want as we
believe customers have the ultimate power in this fast-paced, transparent, opportunistic world.

Whether you are a leader for a large corporation or a small business owner we will help you see your business through the eyes of your customer.

At The Retail Collaborator, we believe extraordinary is obtainable.

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