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Achieve Counselling and Coaching
Jessamine Gibb
I Coach women to be confident and have self-love and resilience during the trying times we all experience establishing and maintaining a business. Confidence, self-love and self-esteem is essential in business, particularly in these days of personal branding, and it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. I am equally able to hold your hand and give you a kick in the ass when you need it. And I can be entirely honest whilst being gentle and caring.

You might be wondering what this fluffy self-love and confidence stuff has to do with your business, but I can tell you it has a LOT to do with it. It takes a hell of a lot of resilience to start a business and a lot of self-belief. Some of the best of us, the most talented, can be a little shy and have a few insecurities.

Often you have no one to fall back on; every aspect of operations might be on you to begin with, and that includes learning a lot of new things and experiencing many bumps in the road. The cost of not valuing yourself highly can affect every aspect of your life, but in business it can mean:

-Falling for the parasite that is perfectionism, and ending up either stagnating or spinning your wheels and experiencing burnout
-Spending time beating yourself up over small failures when you could be learning and swiftly moving onto something more successful
-Not charging what your service is worth
-Passing on valuable opportunities due to fear of failure
-Succumbing to overwhelm because of lack of self-belief
-Quitting on a great idea, perhaps only months into your new business
-Saying yes to things when you want to say no
-And being vulnerable to unscrupulous operators who are happy to manipulate people into buying their products and services

You’ll find I’m not about being flashy like some other Coaches. I wont make you false promises like I see a lot of Coaches do in the online space. I’m just about doing what you pay me to do, under-promising and over-delivering wherever I can, and feeling satisfied about your success. I offer packages for each level of need and budget and I’ll tell you the advantages of working with me, but I promise to not do a high pressure sell on you EVER. It’s a pet peeve of mine and I’d never do something I hate to a prospective client.

I’m available Nation wide via Skype, phone and email so drop me a line (I like a brief email myself so I can call you back ready to discuss your specific needs) and we’ll have a chat about what I can do for you.

UPDATE: I am now also available for chat-based Coaching for women who want to try Coaching out if they’re not sure it is for them, or for women constantly on the go who have a hard time scheduling regular meetings for Skype Coaching. Try your first 3 days totally free, feel free to cancel and pay nothing if are not satisfied for any reason. If you decide to continue it’s only $14.99USD per week for daily support. Check it out here: https://www.coach.me/Jessamine?ref=arAg0

Available nationwide via Skype and phone
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Amie Harrison Design
Amie Mason
Functional Intuitive Strategic Design. Hey there! We’re a multidisciplinary boutique studio focused on helping brands connect with their audience. Working with new and existing brands, we like to push conventional thinking, immersing ourselves in the creative process to develop functional intuitive strategic design. Nothing arbitrary; just good ol’ fashioned bespoke design.

Great design, starts with innovative people.
It starts with the tastemakers, innovators and collaborators. And it starts with the trust of a forward thinking client. Established in 2006, Amie Harrison Design is a boutique multidisciplinary design studio brimming with passionate, innovative, exciting creatives. We love a tantalising brief, collaborating with compelling people to develop highly functional design outcomes with consistency and sensitivity.

So what does a multidisciplinary studio do? Well, everything from launching and promoting your brand through to interior design for your commercial or residential space. We love to collaborate; we have a team of dedicated creatives, suppliers, and industry experts ready to assemble for your project.

Based in Perth, Western Australia.
Collaborating with innovators worldwide.

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Develop Connect
Dave Cooper
Develop Connect provides a unique platform that is connecting home owners with property developers privately.

Develop Connect provides a unique platform that is connecting home owners with property developers privately. We help home owners get maximum value for their home. We help home owners sell their house fast, and without using a traditional real estate agent. Did you know there are property developers Melbourne wide who are constantly looking for residential properties as land for their upcoming projects? Develop Connect allows home owners to directly connect with property developers who are interested in your home’s location. We specialise in site acquisition on behalf of developers, whilst simultaneously helping you sell your property above market value. Simply tell us about your home and the value you are looking to get for it. We then pass on this information to our network of developers and come back to you with the offers we have received. You then decide which offer you like the most and elect the price and conditions. Watch the progress of your sale while we help take care of all the paperwork, including legal documents. The benefits of selling directly to a property developer is you will be able to sell above market value, you will not need a traditional real estate agent, you will avoid pre-sale maintenance costs trying to get your house ‘sale-ready’.

South Yarra
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0434 032 122
Katie Sargent Design
Katie Sargent
Many people don’t realise that engaging an interior designer at the very beginning of a project can be invaluable. Katie Sargent Design offers a full design service that is designed around the requirements and scope of the project. Collaborating with architects, builders, contractors, landscape architects, lighting designers and suppliers, the studio can be as involved as necessary in the following projects; Building a new home. Boutique hospitality projects. Renovations. Soft refurbishments. Furniture, lighting, window treatment and accessories advice and sourcing. Concept and scheme development. Interior styling and consultation.

Clearly you are design-curious and so, already we have something in common.

I’ve always wanted to create beautiful things.

From a young age it was birthday cards, or wrapping presents with bundles of ribbon and a lot of love. Then came crazy, colourful bed linen and an experimental feature wall in my bedroom.

After following a sensible route and completing a Bachelor of Business at RMIT university in Melbourne, it was clear that in actual fact, life would not be complete without pursuing my love of interiors. Then followed a Diploma of Commercial Arts (Interior Decoration & Design) at CATC in Melbourne.

I called London home for four years working under the Principals of two highly respected interior design studios – Hirsch Bedner Associates and Louise Jones Interiors – working on both hospitality and residential projects in Kazakhstan, Italy, Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom. Each studio encompassed different but equally beautiful styles and these have contributed to my aesthetic today.

My passion is the restoration and renovation of period properties, and my specialty lies in bringing warmth, style and an international perspective to the Australian design space. Our lifestyle is unique and my designs reflect the way we live and entertain as Australians.

I love what I do; to imagine, shape and create beautiful, functional spaces. My aim is to work closely with my clients to uncover their personal style so that each design is unique to them and reflects their vision.

I draw on inspiration from my travels and love of unique discoveries and I hope this passion is evident in my design.

An infinite mental catalogue of ideas and inspiration from living in London and travelling around Europe and beyond constantly swirls around my mind and I hope to be able to share these with my clients.

My approach focuses on beauty, timeless style and of course functionality.

Let’s create together…

Katie Sargent
Head Designer

Brighton East
Country 1
Kiah Worling
I create digital businesses.

With new technologies emerging every day, it can be hard to figure out what’s what. That’s where I step in. I help to figure out which digital solutions are right for your business – solutions that will bring sustained business growth and make real impact. I love to listen and am keen to talk about your digital business. Let’s meet for a coffee (my shout).

Country 1
Katrina O’Connell

kmo specialises in web design and digital marketing. At kmo take the time to understand your business. We then deliver clean, functional customer experiences that represent your brand and engage the audience.

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little fish careers
Alexandra Unger

little fish careers specialises in helping you connect with your passion. we are not a recruitment agency and don’t intend to put you in a box just because you have certain educational or professional experiences. we work collaboratively with you to identify your strengths and your career options whilst providing you with tangible outcomes. little fish careers provides you with small and manageable steps to help you break the mould and connect with your passion.

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PCG Consultancy
Samantha O’Sullivan
PCG Consultancy provide a range of professional services to the food, franchise and retail market.

PCG Consultancy offers a range of specialised and tailored services to the food, retail and franchise industry. By focusing on providing insight, strategic direction, and operational support, our clients are empowered to streamline their businesses, expand on opportunities and take them to the next level.
Every business is unique so an important part of our approach is taking the time to get to know our clients’ vision, understanding their ultimate goals, and identifying what’s right for their business. Whether you are a small business operator, or a large multi-site corporation, we have the experience and expertise to assist you with your challenges.
As part of the process, we offer a broad range of services, including retail and franchise consultancy, business health checks, project management, operational and personnel support,

Country 1
Pulse Business Services
Alison Rogers
Success and sustainability in business stems from a healthy organisation that is aware and understands the vital statistics generated, and can relate these back to the individual systems and processes effectiveness to achieve an overall outcome. Your accounting system is telling you the story of your business. Let us translate those reports for you into something meaningful and useful and partner with you to promote a healthy organisation.

Our vision is to be working with our clients of today in 20 years time.
We are a boutique public accounting and business advisory service based in Hobart, Tasmania that partners with clients from all over Australia.
We have over 40 years collective experience in accounting, consulting and business ownership, from start ups to public companies and multi-nationals, and use that experience to assist our clients in a friendly, approachable and straight forward manner.
So if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just looking for a trusted advisor that is looking out for you, contact us today. We take the stress out of “keeping the books” and assist our clients to “work on their business, not in it”.
Contact us now for a FREE 60 MINUTE CONSULTATION to see how we can ADD VALUE to your business, and reduce your stress levels!
Call Alison on 03 62319333 or email alison@pulseservices.com.au.

Country 2
03 62319333
Tennille Joy Interiors
Tennille Burnup
Tennille Joy Interiors is a multi-dimensional design studio offering the following residential and commercial services: Interior Design Conceptualization & Development Bathroom, Kitchen Design & Specification Joinery Design Furniture Design Colour Consultancy FF & E (Furniture & Styling Fit-Outs) Window Furnishings

Whether it be a full residential re-design, new build, commercial fit-out or simply a room that needs to be loved again, Tennille makes each space uniquely you.

By listening to her clients and not only hearing what they say but actually ‘seeing’ them, Tennille subtly brings all the elements together, binding ‘you’ into your Interior Design. Tennille creates personal, harmonious, functional and distinctive spaces that are a reflection and indeed an extension of each individual client.

Simple, yet bubbling with life and character. Stylish … but oh so individual. Whatever your inspiration, Tennille has the knack and passion to bring everything seamlessly together. By working alongside her team of qualified tradespeople and combining her design / product knowledge and worldwide buying power, Tennille ensures that you save time and money whilst receiving not just everything you wanted but so much more.

Now based in Melbourne, Tennille brings her entire life experiences together for the benefit of her clients. Tennille was born to decorate. Being 3rd generation in the industry, it was the only thing that made sense for her to do professionally. Watching her Mother work as an Interior Designer, breathing in the aromas of furniture stores growing up, knowing the textures and feel of textiles, honouring the integrity of a design piece; Tennille simply knows what works. Design is not Tennille’s job or career … it is her lifeblood.

Tennille’s professional past includes time in the UK as Interior Decorator for the world’s leading fabric, wallpaper and furniture designers and manufacturers, Osborne & Little, London; the Interior Design assistant for the critically acclaimed Kelly Hoppen Interiors as well as time on the UK television series 60 Minute Makeover.

Tennille is responsible for creating stunning interiors for 5-star holiday accommodation at Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island, Magnetic Island and the Mornington Peninsular. She has worked for Melbourne’s leading building companies styling Display Homes as well as Property Styling in order to achieve the maximum outcome.

Studio 5, 103 Howard Street, North Melbourne
Country 1
0407 889 818