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Philippa Steele Design
Philippa Steele
I’m Philippa Steele—a graphic designer based in Hobart, Australia. I create simple, high quality, meaningful design with a focus on sustainability.

My design practice is based on simplicity and inspired by nature. I enjoy the use of honest, natural materials and choose environmentally sustainable options wherever possible. With an instinct for colour, shape and minimalist design, I draw inspiration from the handmade and traditional printmaking techniques. My process commands simplicity, with a focus on meaningful and appropriate design concepts. My work is often bold and unguarded, and employs a practical, ever-evolving approach to sustainability.

Many of my clients span the cultural, social and environmental sector, including small businesses, creatives and start-ups, not-for-profit organisations, galleries and museums. Previously, I have worked in-house for a regional Tasmanian-based Museum and for a small design studio before starting my own home studio, where I live and work with my partner and two young children.

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