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Jessamine Gibb
I Coach women to be confident and have self-love and resilience during the trying times we all experience establishing and maintaining a business. Confidence, self-love and self-esteem is essential in business, particularly in these days of personal branding, and it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. I am equally able to hold your hand and give you a kick in the ass when you need it. And I can be entirely honest whilst being gentle and caring.

You might be wondering what this fluffy self-love and confidence stuff has to do with your business, but I can tell you it has a LOT to do with it. It takes a hell of a lot of resilience to start a business and a lot of self-belief. Some of the best of us, the most talented, can be a little shy and have a few insecurities.

Often you have no one to fall back on; every aspect of operations might be on you to begin with, and that includes learning a lot of new things and experiencing many bumps in the road. The cost of not valuing yourself highly can affect every aspect of your life, but in business it can mean:

-Falling for the parasite that is perfectionism, and ending up either stagnating or spinning your wheels and experiencing burnout
-Spending time beating yourself up over small failures when you could be learning and swiftly moving onto something more successful
-Not charging what your service is worth
-Passing on valuable opportunities due to fear of failure
-Succumbing to overwhelm because of lack of self-belief
-Quitting on a great idea, perhaps only months into your new business
-Saying yes to things when you want to say no
-And being vulnerable to unscrupulous operators who are happy to manipulate people into buying their products and services

You’ll find I’m not about being flashy like some other Coaches. I wont make you false promises like I see a lot of Coaches do in the online space. I’m just about doing what you pay me to do, under-promising and over-delivering wherever I can, and feeling satisfied about your success. I offer packages for each level of need and budget and I’ll tell you the advantages of working with me, but I promise to not do a high pressure sell on you EVER. It’s a pet peeve of mine and I’d never do something I hate to a prospective client.

I’m available Nation wide via Skype, phone and email so drop me a line (I like a brief email myself so I can call you back ready to discuss your specific needs) and we’ll have a chat about what I can do for you.

UPDATE: I am now also available for chat-based Coaching for women who want to try Coaching out if they’re not sure it is for them, or for women constantly on the go who have a hard time scheduling regular meetings for Skype Coaching. Try your first 3 days totally free, feel free to cancel and pay nothing if are not satisfied for any reason. If you decide to continue it’s only $14.99USD per week for daily support. Check it out here: https://www.coach.me/Jessamine?ref=arAg0

Available nationwide via Skype and phone
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