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Beautifully Well Box
Alannah Taylor
Natural beauty, health and lifestyle products delivered to your door every month!

Beautifully Well Box is a curated selection of boutique natural beauty, health and lifestyle products, delivered to your doorstep every month. We’re here so that you can discover your new favourite products, without having to navigate the thousands of products out there – some of which aren’t as ‘natural’ as they claim.

My wellness journey started in 2012 after being diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. I had reached a critical point of my mental illness where I had to make some serious changes, or be hospitalised. I could not believe I had reached a point where the mental illness was going to stop me from living my life, and I knew I had to fight to get well again. The months that followed were some of my most challenging, but I was more determined then ever. I had to learn how to love food again, instead of fearing it. I began educating myself on wholefoods and found my love of cooking once again.

Almost five years later, I feel grateful everyday for good health. Truth be told, I do still struggle with body image, however my actions are never dictated by these feelings. I focus on nutrients rather than calories; every meal is a chance to nourish my body, not to punish it. Educating myself on wholefoods and holistic living was key to my recovery, and I want more than ever to share this with other Australian women.

I created BWB to share my love of natural beauty and wellness products. Discovering new products is exciting, and having a beautiful package delivered monthly is an amazing gift of self love. Each box is designed to inspire you to live well, which is why there is a combination of beauty, health and lifestyle products. I also believe giving back is so important, which is why $1 from every Beautifully Well Box is donated to a The Butterfly Foundation to support the amazing things they are doing.

If you want to discover new products which will love you back, subscribe to Beautifully Well Box and enjoy our curated monthly boxes delivered right to your door! x

Gold Coast
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The Balancing Act
Amelia Bidgood
A blog about travel, wellness, food, beauty and lifestyle. The Balancing Act spreads positive vibes and aims to inspire you to live a balanced, happy life.

Life can be tough sometimes and over the last few years I have discovered the importance of ‘balance’. So what is balance? It’s something you have to work towards achieving EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Balance has a different meaning for everyone but for me it’s about looking after myself and creating a happy, healthy and grounded life. I’ve experienced some serious lows and have found myself in some pretty dark places. But with hard work, determination and learning some early life lessons I’ve made some big changes and major improvements. Every day is a battle but you know what they say? Nothing worth having comes easy. So don’t give up!
The Balancing Act aims to help you begin your journey of finding balance or to help you maintain the balance in your life. Never change who you are, instead work towards being a happier, healthier and more positive version of yourself.

What you’ll find on The Balancing Act:

•delicious recipes
•restaurant reviews
•travel stories, tips, advice and inspiration
•health and wellness tips and advice
•interviews with inspirational people, entrepreneurs and small business owners
•career information
•positive vibes overload

We bring together amazing, inspiring people doing incredible things and share those stories with The Balancing Act Community. We’re advocates for mental health awareness and hope to be able to support national and global causes including poverty, equality and homelessness.