League of Extraordinary Women – FIND YOUR FIVE



Never before have we been so connected to hundreds of friends, colleagues and other entrepreneurs online. Yet, the entrepreneur’s journey is still one of the most isolating experiences. So we try to find the people that get us. We attend networking events but, how do you know how to connect with? It’s leaving it to chance. Serendipity. Coincidence.

We believe in the truth of this quote, “You are the average of the 5 you hang with”. So, Find Your Five is our platform that specifically curates powerful connections for female entrepreneurs to meet face-to-face in a mini mastermind session.

FIND YOUR FIVE is the revolutionary solution to connect you to a curated group of 5 other like-minded women so that you can have deeper, more meaningful connections to help you grow and succeed in business.

In a nutshell: You will be placed into a once-off curated peer group of 6. You all discuss one chosen topic, each person is given allocated air-time for one question. It’s like a mini mastermind, but better since you’re all extraordinary women. After that, you can choose to re-connect or join another group.

Simple really but insanely rewarding.

After a successful launch in September 2016 with over 280 women have participated and loved it. Round 4 applications are now open.Please note that only League Members are able to participate. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up below  You will need to reapply for Round 3 even if you have have participated in the first two rounds.



Don’t take our word about it, these are straight from our League Members that participated in Round 1.

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