League of Extraordinary Women – HELEN ROE – CANBERRA CRUSADER



Helen Roe is a business and success coach for women who want to lead an extraordinary life doing work they love. She helps driven entrepreneurs around the world to cultivate joy, connection, and abundance in their business and life.

1. What was the worst job you ever had and why?

I used to waitress for weddings at this fancy hotel whilst at school. I had to hold silver trays brimming with champagne, smile and I’d lose the feeling in my arms and the glasses would rattle on the trays. It looked like I had a bad case of the shakes and guests used to give me that nodding sympathetic smile. I could never master silver service either! Let’s just say I’m glad some guests were too tipsy to notice the odd spill. But the tips were great!

2. What is the most ridiculous business idea you’ve ever come up with and actually considered launching?

Years ago when my girls were being potty trained I thought it would be great to have portable, disposable potties!! I was so frustrated when we were out and we’d never make it to public toilets in time and thought how cool it would be if I could whip out a disposable potty! The potty phase passed and so did my idea. But I’ve just googled it and guess what? they now exist!

3. Tell us two other names you toyed with when trying to name your business:

The green dot (trying to incorporate my Irish colours here) and the green lantern (what can I say, I like the colour green!). Looking back, I’m quite relieved those domains weren’t available.

4. Greatest milestone achieved within your business thus far?

As I’m just over my first year in business I would say I’m still waiting for that one! Although having my first article published in the Sydney Morning Herald was pretty cool!

5. What’s your Big Ass Hairy Goal?  That goal you’ve written down but because it’s SO big you haven’t shared it with anyone yet?

To live by the sea, run my global business from anywhere with my support team, travel the world with my family and home to Europe business class anytime I like!

6. Why do you want to be a League Crusader?

To be part of an amazing movement of women who are reaching new heights in business and life, supporting each other, following their dreams and living their true purpose.

7. What do you love about the League the most?

I love that the league is different to other network groups. It’s truly is a special community of inspirational women who share and support each other on their journey. It’s also a lot of fun!

8. If you could invite any 3 people to dinner at your house (and yes, you have to cook for them), who would they be and why?

My mum, my dad and my sister. We are all living in different continents and I don’t get to see them half as much as I’d like to.

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