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Elizabeth Simaliak

Elizabeth Simaliak

With over ten years experience in modelling and a degree in Design, Elizabeth’s talent for conceptual design has helped her secure a Creative Director position at various international advertising firms.

Her experience includes managing brands such as Versace, Telstra, Australia Post and Dulux. Her broad experience in design was instrumental in developing her own brands: Nestar and Miss Sweetie. Both brands are sold Australia-wide and exports to Asia, Middle East and New Zealand.

You created your dream job – what is your driving passion?

My passions are fashion, animals, chocolate and the future of Australia.

What makes a successful Australian brand?

I believe in a brand created out of love and passion, all the way from blending ingredients, to delivering to stores. Sounds cliché but to me a real brand needs a soul and a person driving it with a purpose – you need to own it! I am a chocoholic and own a chocolate factory. Together with Issy, the Nestar chocolatier, we are proud local owners and makers. Nestar and Miss Sweetie are made in Melbourne and packed in house by my team. The product is then sent out across the country over night. I have a fast-growing, loyal team of chocolate loving distributors and my brands are experiencing daily growth. There is definitely a consumer shift towards Aussie made brands.

What is the best thing about your job?

I’d say the lifestyle it has given me! One of inner fulfilment, no early mornings or public transport, daily gym visits and lots of chocolate everyday – what more could a girl want!? It has also allowed me to see more of the world – although I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this country even more.

What has been your greatest achievement?

My brands have given me the opportunity to support many animal welfare foundations and causes through donations. Animals Australia is a corporate partner who has helped me to develop our growing and super pure vegan ranges. I’m also a proud sponsor of The League of Extraordinary Women as I find their work so important in helping us connect and support each other. Another great achievement for me has been taking my brands overseas and being a proud Aussie ambassador.

What advice would you give other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Find you passion, get creative and see how you can turn it into a business. Don’t go it alone! Find a true joint venture partner. It will cost you half as much and you’ll get there twice as fast. Be patient. I’ve seen too many brands pop up, grow fast and bust. And most importantly, find a way to have minimal capital investment, no debt if possible (which can be difficult as you do need to spend money to make money most of the time), capitalise on partner skills – it’ll take you a long way. Do what you are good at and love and get others to do the rest.

Final thought?

Women in business are now more empowered and connected than ever thanks to great networks like The League of Extraordinary Women. This gives us more strength to create services, business and brands that are made here in Australia. Let’s get proud Aussie history by contributing our legacy to the future of the most beautiful place on earth, Australia!

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