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Jane Slack-Smith

Jane Slack-Smith

What was the catalyst for you launching your business?

I was an explosives engineer in the mining industry and I used a low risk approach to build a multi million dollar property portfolio. I wanted to show other people how you didn’t have to be rich to do it. So I started a business that allowed me to help everyday Australians grow their wealth through residential property.

What does a typical day at work involve for you?

A quick review of online dashboards to make sure all clients are ontrack and satisfied. I check that all support questions for online courses are being dealt with. Then a meeting with content manager on social media and responses for the day to articles or news. I generally then deal with requests for article contributions. The it’s time to hit the studio to record group coaching webinars, podcasts, course updates and new promotion videos. I also aim to complete also 2 discovery calls a day for new clients.

What are your guiding principles?

I am a student of the Disney Institute in creating client delight and satisfying known and unknown needs. All my companies work towards helping everyday Australians create wealth in low-risk ways using residential property.

How do you make yourself more productive?

I have a standing desk and I stand when I take calls. I use many many apps and digital techniques to create a seamless process to engage and delight clients. From recording calls they can listen to again and again, to surprise experiences, to adding extra value when not expected be it through video postcards, or gifts.

What are your top resources when you’re in a need of creative inspiration?

Industry online newsletters, Pinterest, my students private Facebook pages, magazines, going to conferences for non related activities to see what others are doing and listening to the podcast ‘ilovemarketing.’

What mindsets helped make you successful?

“You can do anything but fly and with Gods’ help you can do that.” My mother told my sister and that from a young age – we grew up with an inherent belief in success being possible and probable if we but tried our hardest. My 8 year old son now quotes this back to me however “we don’t give up in this family” is a mantra I don’t appreciate hearing at 11pm when we can’t find his cuddly toy.

What do you do to challenge your underlying beliefs, paradigms and assumptions?

Never assume conformity, and always look for disruption.

If you wanted to create an environment where motivation can thrive, what’s the first thing you would do?

Create an atmosphere that inspires my staff to be involved with offering their thoughts and perspectives.

Which person of influence, dead or alive, would you like to have as a mentor and why?

Walt Disney – he nearly broke 30 times but he had a vision, he knew his brand, he created a future of delight and anticipated every customers wants and needs.

What book would you most recommend and why?

‘Unique ability’ by Catherine nomura and Julia Waller. Until I understood my one highest purpose I was stuck in a rut doing things that I was not best to do. All of my companies have been restructured around this. With three fulltime staff, and over twenty contractors.

Did you have any ‘entrepreneurial experiences’ as a child?

Selling vegetables on the footpath!

What do you find most exciting about being an entrepreneur?

Every day I can change the direction and try something new without a committee being involved and I can watch a client or students progress and know I made a difference.

What things about entrepreneurship do you struggle to understand?

Why more people don’t do it!

What three pieces of advice would you offer entrepreneurs starting out today?

Know where your skills are, know your audience, know your mission. Employ as soon as possible – even a virtual assistant so you can do more of what you are good at. Don’t listen to family and friends – if you believe it you can achieve it.

What has been your biggest sacrifice or challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?

I had to go back to work 10 days after my son was born as I refused to let my clients down. Years later they all told me I was mad.

What has been your most effective marketing tactic or strategy?

Online video education – I studied under a mentor in the US to learn online marketing and understanding your message, your market and how to deliver it is key. I am currently starting a podcast, Apple TV channel and ongoing split testing using Facebook advertising is fun.

How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

Always act with integrity – if I wouldn’t tell my parents or friends to do it I won’t tell me clients and students.

What systems/apps/organisational tools have you used to automate your business to give you more time for planning & development?

Infusionsoft – my 15,000+ database is run through through it. Calendly – clients make appointments live in my calendar. Gotowebinar – an easy way to connect.

What is the most courageous thing you’ve done in business?

Stopped being employed earning $150k p.a as a mining engineer to start a commission only mortgage broking business as I believed I could help everyday Australians create wealth. I did something right I have won the honour of Australia Mortgage Broker of the Year twice.

How do you deal with failure?

Look at errors and opportunities for improvement – after a bottle of wine!

Looking back, what would you do differently?

Hire slow and fire fast.

What do you love the most about what you do now?

I make a difference to peoples lives, I get emails daily telling me how I have transformed their lives.

What does female empowerment mean to you and why is it important?

I may have pushed the girls can do anything boys can do a bit much to my 8 year old son as he often says you know boys can do anything girls can do but have babies. I was the first female mining engineer to work underground – and all the workers went on strike – so I knew from early on that being a leader and creating a path forward, no matter how difficult would assist girls who followed.

Do you follow any health/wellness/family routines you would recommend to other female entrepreneurs?

Exercise – health can not be bought and is the fundamental foundation you need. I have a half-day Friday for ‘Jane Time’ and I always go to school events or events to support my artist husband.

Words of Wisdom / Personal Quote:

You can do anything but fly and with God’s help you can even fly.

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