League of Extraordinary Women – Members



Do you feel as though none of your friends get you?

Are you working alone most days, working at cafes simply because you want to be surrounded by people?

Do you struggle to find the answers you need to know? Don’t know where to start or what to do next?

Hate going to “networking” events because they’re not your people and loathe small talk.


The League was born to solve this problem.

Feeling of isolation, lack of real support, seeking answers to what may seem impossible. All of these can be solved by one simple concept. Real connections.

Real connections are notwhat can you do for me, let me sell you something selfish, superficial surface level chats.

Real connections at The League means: Substance, engaging, collaborative and friendship-deep wow you’re so amazing, I admire you  type of connections.

This is why we have members at The League as we believe that not everyone is like us. We have spent the last 4 years creating a culture at The League that seeks out the women that are real, have blinding passion for what they do and give more than they take.

If we’ve just described you, then we welcome you to The League.

Join Us.