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Posted By Sheryl Thai On 23 September 2016

“Behold, a Tinder-like app for female friendships” – Huffington Post

When Hey! Vina launched their app this year, it was a moment of – yeah of course! Awesome idea.

I jumped on straight away. The very first female I matched with, the convo started off with “Snap!!”


Naturally, Kate & I instantly connected, caught up for a coffee, chatted for a good hour and are now friends of Facebook. I was hooked.

So this is the story of how League of Extraordinary Women became friends with Hey! Vina…

Last month we landed in San Francisco, feeling like fish out of water, we were meeting investors to see whether they dug our idea of developing a Tinder-like app to connect female entrepreneurs.

With only a few contacts in SF and unsure of what we were in for, we decided to reach out to other female entrepreneurs to see if they would share their experiences with us and we are so glad that we did.

Not sure whether it’s the tall poppy syndrome or scarcity mentality but in the back of our minds, it may seem odd to some that we would reach out to Hey! Vina, as their app is almost exactly what we were trying to do – except they focused on connecting female friends, we were connecting female entrepreneurs. Wouldn’t they think that we were trying to steal their idea? Wouldn’t they see us as competitors?

When we reached out to them by email, we were excited to hear that Olivia, Co-Founder of Hey! Vina, was eager to chat to us.

It was SO refreshing to see how open, honest and supportive the team at Hey! Vina were to us – two Aussies that were absorbing what we could from San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the U.S. They didn’t hold back and they shared their visions and future plans with us. We did the same. By the end of the conversation, we knew that our values were aligned. We were two organisations that wanted to change the world by empowering and connecting women. There was always going to be room for us, and many more out there.

So I wanted to share the AMAZING news that Hey! VINA, a company that is only 8 months old has received some big news today – alongside their top Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm investors, they have announced that Tinder is  on board as their latest investor and mentor of theirs. WOW. This is major.

Why? Because we need more female founded tech companies to pave the way and inspire other females to do the same. Because we should celebrate the wins of other women and their successes.

So let’s support each other, download their app. Give it a go, and make some new lady friends this weekend.  You never know where that connection will lead you.thankyou_quote

I also wanted to write about this experience because I believe that we can all learn from each other, sharing ideas and experiences, being generous – it all comes back to us eventually. Too many of us are too scared to share our ideas because of the scarcity mentality. To see incredible things happen we need to be courageous enough to give.

Watch this space as there’s some exciting collabs coming!


Sheryl Thai, CEO

League of Extraordinary Women


Sheryl, Olivia and Maeva at the Hey! Vina office in San Francisco.
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